Re: Awesome

Wow, I totally let all my various online accounts wither away! Having way too much fun working for IMVU.

The New Job

I've literally spent time every single day at the office during the four or five months since my employment. Most of them well past midnight and even 4am. Even when I was delirious with sickness I managed to take a 30min bus into work in the wee hours of the morning, though it wasn't long before it dawned on me that this was not a Good Idea, and I made a hasty retreat about an hour later. What's great is this job is so awesome that I am drawn to the office even when I feel like utter crap.

Of course that could be because my home machine is still here and because I still am living in a hotel. :-)

The New House

Not for long! This weekend I'll finally be moving into a new place, at a considerably lower rent. Win! One of my coworkers recently lost a roommate and was gracious enough to offer me the spot. Very nice. It just goes to show you that procrastinators ultimately win if they procrastinate long enough. Yes, that must be the moral...

P.S. Sorry for not doing the whole change-of-address thing yet Brian! Procrastination wins in some cases, loses in others. At least now I'll know what the heck to change my address to.

The New Blog

I've got a new blog in the works. I've been queuing up some topics/content in the fine tradition of Raymond Chen, one of my heroes. Even if he is under suspicion of being a bot! :-) I won't pretend to understand half his posts, but he speaks intelligently and at length about many topics on a consistent basis. Plus he always has an interesting story or two thrown into the mix. It's pretty damn impressive!

I have quite a lot of thing to blog about, but I'm realizing that you really have to schedule your time well if you want to blog consistently. I'm not sure I've got the hang of it yet, but I'm working on it!

The New Skills

You can expect most of my blogging to focus heavily on test-driven development for a while. I'd always had interest in writing tests after learning about Extreme Programming and reading various literature, but I could never quite get "all the way in." Coming to IMVU has been eye-opening and life-altering, and I have experienced the benefits of automated testing over and over again. I've also experienced the pain of not writing automated tests while spinning up as an engineer here.

To keep my testing skills sharp, I've started putting a certain old project under test coverage. I've been working on it fairly regularly, and I'm finding that it's far more enjoyable than I might have guessed. More on this in my new blog.

Don't fret, it won't be long now!

Destination: California

At the prompting of a friend, I recently interviewed in Palo Alto, California for a job as a software engineer. After many exhausting hours of interrogation by many people, I'm proud to say I was offered a position. I am also happy to report that I accepted!

I Can Has Employment++

There were a large number of unknowns for me, flying out to a place I'd never been before to interview with a company I'd never heard of (but which seemed very interesting) and to meet people I had known only digitally for the better part of the last 12 years. I wasn't sure what to expect.

Let me just say that I was consistently blown away by how intelligent, friendly, and interesting everyone was that I met during my visit. I am utterly dumbfounded by how well things went.

It may be that I'm a little more happy-go-lucky than your average person, but it feels like I attract quite a lot of wonderful people and opportunities in my life. I love it, and continue to be thankful for it!

Coming Soon
To A California Near You: Me

I'll be moving out to California toward the end of this month. But don't cry, my beloved hetero life mates (read: Paul), I will be visiting soon. In fact, I'll be in town again sooner than you might expect...

There And Back Again

My ex-girlfriend from New York, Alewen, will be in Minnesota during the month of June. She'll be working at the same place I first met her, a great sushi and hibachi restaurant called Wasabi. Or, as my coworkers have come to refer to it, the scene of the crime.

Wasabi is home to many fond memories for me. Three key F words come to mind: ...Food, Friends, and Fallin'-in-love! And all three had me grinning from ear to ear on a daily basis. Alewen had a huge impact on my life, and so I'll be making it a point to fly back out to see her.

Good Vibrations

That's the latest and greatest from Camp Chizzle. Life is treating me well. I am in good health (srsly, I've got platelets and everything) and [have drank] good [God knows how many] spirits. I'm excited for what lies ahead and ready to soak up some California sun.

As a wise man once said: Awww yeahhh.

<| |3

Part two!

I really wanted things to work out here with Alewen, and fully intended to move to New York, but it turns out in the end we were better off as friends. I won't bore everyone with the details, but ultimately we were too far apart, both in common interests and social maturity. My end of the stick being the shorter of the two!

I'm rather surprised by how well we've both taken it, after I caught up with the realization she had already come to. I'm sure it hasn't truly hit me yet. I'm betting I'll have a nice little cry at some point after my return trip on Saturday. But that's to be expected. And healthy, I think. Especially since I'm a mama's boy and easily attached. Particularly to fun and sexy little Chinese women! ;-)

So! I'll be hanging with three Chinese friends who happen to be girls, for the rest of the week! I've really learned a lot here and am so glad that I took the chance and gave it a whirl. My cooking skills have leveled up a little, as well as my fashion sense and personal hygiene. Who can argue with results? I've become quite fond of Mandarin as well, which I will continue to learn!

If you're dying to be bored with the details, drop by in #sancho some time, and I'll be happy to tell you a tale of two lovers whose destiny lay not in love, but in friendship. This is the part where you politely refrain from regurgitating your last meal in the face of so much unadulterated sappiness. ^_^

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For those of you who haven't heard, I've recently fallen in love with a cute little Chinese girl who was visiting family here and working as a waitress at their sushi bar (Wasabi) two blocks from my office.

Long story, or perhaps short story, short, she is now my girlfriend and I have a one-way ticket to NYC departing early tomorrow morning, which is where she is currently attending college.

I've only known her for a couple weeks, but my decision to go to NYC was an easy one. I wish I could accurately describe to you the way she makes me feel. I gotta tell ya, I am absolutely and utterly in love. I have no doubts and no worries. I want to be where she is.

Needless to say, my boss is somewhat concerned on a personal level for me. And there will be some wrinkles with the work situation. But I have worked long distance for three years before, and I am in a very unique position to be able to make this decision. I have a lot of good friends here, and though my boss is concerned, he does trust that I will continue to do a good job.

Without trying to sound too full of myself, I am well-liked by everyone at my job, including my boss, and the feelings are mutual. So, because my boss would rather I continue to work than not at all, I will continue working for him full-time from NYC.

This initial trip to NYC will last two or three weeks. I want a chance to be around this girl and actually have a relationship for a while. Depending on how things go, at the end of the two or three weeks, I will either come back to resume what I've been doing OR, if things go as well as I hope them to, to pack up all my stuff and fully relocate to NYC.

And that's about the shape of things! This week has involved a lot of drinking with buddies who wish me well and want to say goodbye. I am fairly certain I will not escape this particular day sober -- my last day in the Twin Cities for a while.

Her name is Tong Chen, but she goes by Alawen (Al-Uh-When). She's the one in red below. Wish me luck!

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Beerstravaganza Deluxe

The New Year: Bring It
Two parties, one cup of coffee, one shot, eleven beers, three cups of champagne, and an unknown number of bong hits later, I arrive home at 6:30am. My two primary objectives were executed in grand form: staying up and standing up (without needing to hold onto something.) I'm impressed with the latter.

YARLY. I had intended to pace myself, but not too long after I arrived at the first party I had already downed four beers in the time it took the hostess to drink one. How much time had elapsed... 15 minutes? 30 tops. It was a sign of things to come.

The last time I was out past midnight I was nearly asleep in a barstool by the time 1am rolled around. I hadn't had nearly as many beers, either. But! I had not eaten much that day. Or had any caffeine. I came pretty close to ralphing my guts out during the ferry home.

By contrast, last night was a championship run for me. At no point was I drunk enough to feel like dinner would make a cameo appearance, nor was I ever tired enough that my eyelids were ready to close without my permission.

The Scientific Method
My findings indicate that no coffee for a month, then a cup before a night of partying will keep you awake well into the morning of the following day. Also that a plate of sushi can absorb a lot of alcohol. I was out with a good friend to Nami for the sushi, as well as a shot of Jameson (mmm, wood polish) to start the night off.

Granted, it's only four and a half hours later, but all signs point to another anti-hangover triumph. I just don't get hungover. Good health has a lot of benefits, but being able to drink like a hella damn fool every once in a while with relative impunity is pretty nice.

Rooby Rooby Roo?
Re: bong hits, I can add the hitting of said bong to my list of life experiences. I needed some schooling on the instrumentation, but I got the hang of it pretty quick. There's no way I wasn't high after at least eight or more hits, but all the alcohol kept me from noticing much. Musta been supermellow. There are now three scratch marks in my mental pot-smoking bedpost.

Jennitruckafer: Straight Outta Iowa
Party numero uno was easily the most fun for me, since I got to hang with my all-time favorite person ever, as well as meet several of her close high school friends. We played drinking card games and what I can only describe as sexual pictionary.

If beer drinking isn't already incentive enough to utter profane things loudly, sexual pictionary is the catalyst you've dreamed of. I also remember Ace of Bass and the Saved By The Bell soundtrack. Which were played. A lot.

Dre: Straight Dope
Behind door number two was a party which was fun for other reasons. I got to hang with a cool coworker and meet a bunch of her roommates and friends. Dozens of people whose names I'm sure I was told numerous times, but which I will never ever remember.

I remember roommate Quang, whom I had met previously, and Mary, who is the only person whose face I can match up with a name, thinking back on the night. Stacey Q and Tool are the only bits of music I remember with any clarity. This is before my hearing truly broke down into a sea of random noise with the occassional bark and yip from whositz and whatstheirface.

The New Year: Brought
Now as long as my throat isn't effed for the next three weeks (see: first pot-smoking experience, a year or more ago), I'll have considered this night a success in all possible ways.

I won't be partying this hard again for a while, but with awesome nights like these, who needs to?

Year's End Cleaning

My room has become incredibly cluttered and dusty over the past year. I'm pretty sure I haven't given it a serious cleaning in about that long. Today I spent some time rooting through all the junk and disposing of as much of it as possible. I think I've thrown away about half my room so far. And there's plenty more where that came from!

I found a bunch of junk that I forgot I owned, such as an old webcam, a camera, a fancy watch, and other misc. items. At first I was overjoyed, but then I realized I didn't really want to own any of that crap, and so I trashed it all.

I have so many useless gizmos and doodads hanging around, most of which have varying levels of sentimental value. But I still trashed most of them. I think I'm going to embark upon a quest of minimalism this New Year. I will trash as much of this old junk as possible, keeping only a handful of truly unique items with which to decorate my small sliver of bedroom.

I own several large items which I will soon be ridding myself of, such as two large CRT monitors, a couple large bricks to help elevate my tiny space heater, and a pretty large desk.

The desk, while large and awesome for multiple monitors, is ultimately just another place to cram a lot of junk. Like some 60 DVDs or so that I never watch. I think I'll ditch those too. I've replaced one CRT with an LCD, which is most excellent! I simply need a replacement for its partner in crime, and then both of the clunky bastards will sleep with the fishes.

Digging through these piles and piles of clutter, I've also realized I need to purchase a few things. A much larger receptacle for loose change would be a good start. I currently have two mugs which serve this purpose. One nondescript black glass mug for pennies, and another cool looking skull mug for all me silver.

The black mug is damn near full. Maybe I'll stop collecting pennies anyway. They should be abolished from our system of currency, I say! Let's stick to silver. Or switch to gold dubloons!

I have about six or seven keys that could use a key chain. Some sort of folder-like apparatus for my paycheck stubs and other misc. documents would be nice. Various items I own require batteries, but I think batteries should be abolished as well! I'll probably trash as many of those items as possible in favor of something without batteries or... not relying on said items in my life.

Also, good lord is this room dusty! A dusting device may be in order. I will favor some sort of air-blowing machinery over a handle and feathers. Because I am a man. I clean with high power tools and I cook with gas!
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Photo Shoot

Almost forgot my LiveJournal existed! I just got back from a little holiday trip to my folks' place out in Hot Springs, Arkansas. While I was there, my sister did a photo shoot of me for her portfolio.

Some say I look like a tool, others say I could be in a boy band. But all agree I am 100% awesome.

New Pics

So I discovered the secret of webcams, and it is: light. So, if you wanna know what I look like, here's some mug shots! Many degrees of awesomeness are covered. And of course ma will love'em!

Yeah, Baby. Blue Steele
Dr. Evil Drunk
Grin Smile
Hmm... Mmhmm, girlfriend.
Yes! Har!
Wolverine Jowels Smash!
Who Da Man? You Da Man.
Hey, I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothin',
but I think unicorns are kick ass!